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At aether, we believe the future is human.

(+ there is a deep, innate desire to maintain human touch & connection)
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Technology is simply a tool to extend and enhance humans as we progress and innovate.

With this as an underlying ethos, aether is built upon these core beliefs:

  1. The legacy approach to providing reception and concierge services (by stationing an individual at one or a small number of fixed locations) is inefficient and can be optimized through an on-demand and automated approach.

  2. Enterprise organizations are increasingly focused on the quality, efficiency, and level of hospitality experience they offer to guests and employees. To compete and stand apart, organizations must provide high quality, innovative solutions that delight their employees and customers. This means providing  human connection – where technology is a welcome enhancement to the human experience.

  3. Greeting and visitor management services must be life-like, personal, and provide elements of warmth, magic and even surprise.

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Our Vision


We are re-imagining the visitor management function with an immersive human interaction that is on-demand, efficient and highly scalable. Above all, it is magical.

The aether sensory experience is designed to be captivating, and to deliver a pleasing digital communication environment through which individuals can interact with a professional host who can manage their visit and swiftly coordinate access to resources:

  1. All in a touch-less interface that is responsive to their needs

  2. At any time that they require assistance

Core Ideas

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Extended Reality

Deliver a professional service through a Metaverse Call Center in a curated video environment with a digitally enhanced agent/avatar representation.


Offer real-time and historic actionable data captured from every interaction to a management dashboard. Generate insights on the use of and investment in physical spaces.

Gig Economy

Provide the opportunity to leverage WFH / Gig Economy in the delivery of our services.

Beyond Human

Adopt best of breed software modules that can perform content analysis for security, and for effective service delivery and improvements. Providing increased value, and offloading critical tasks to empower on-site hospitality and safety resources.


Automate tasks and provide a hyper-efficient digital assistant, which can escalate to a live agent avatar when required. Reducing costs and elevating the customer experience.


Integrated with best of breed enterprise systems in use in physical locations to recognize and authenticate visitors, grant credentials, provide access via door/turnstile, evaluate health and safety risks. Provide for increased value as our solution surpasses the efficacy of a live agent.

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A magical sensory interaction.

Transforming the way visitors are greeted and supported within physical spaces.

Maximizing content for the use of 3D displays, aether creates a memorable experience with a deeper, life-like interaction for high design spaces. However, it can also be enjoyed through conventional 2D displays for smaller, remote or secondary locations.

Let's create the future.

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